NDIS Commission Portal

The NDIS Commission Portal contains tools for providers to manage their registration and meet their obligations.

NDIS Commission Portal access is currently only available to registered providers in some Australian jurisdictions. Providers will be able to access the Portal after the NDIS Commission start date in their state or territory.

Providers can now submit Behaviour support plans and Incident reports – including 24 Hour and 5 Day reports – directly within the NDIS Commission Portal. This is in addition to other recent Portal improvements, including the ability to seamlessly switch between organisations and roles without having to log in and log out of multiple sessions, and a new self-provisioning feature that allows delegated provider staff to provide access for other staff in their organisations. Auskey accounts are no longer required.

The NDIS Commission Portal is only available to providers that have registered with the NDIS Commission. If you do not have an NDIS Commission Portal user account, please refer to the Quick reference guide - getting access to NDIS Portal.

Should you need additional support, help is available at Tier1Support@ndiscommission.gov.au.

Login with PRODA

Portal functions

The table below contains a list of Portal functions available for registered providers. Additional features will become available over time.

Portal function Status Action
Renew your registration Available Login
Update registration details Available Login
View registration expiry dates Available Login
Vary your current scope of registration including adding or removing registration groups Available Login
Update outlet details for an outlet for providing supports Available Login
Notify the NDIS Commission of a reportable incident Available Login
Create, lodge and/or report on a behaviour support plan Available Login
Report use of an authorised restrictive practice Available Login