NDIS audit information for participants

What is an NDIS audit?

The NDIS Commission want to make sure NDIS participants feel safe and have quality supports and services.

We send an audit team to check on your NDIS provider to see:

  • how well they work
  • whether they are following NDIS rules and quality standards
  • what information they keep
  • how people feel about the help they get.

Audits help to protect the rights and safety of NDIS participants. You can take part in the audit of your NDIS provider, but you don’t have to.

What happens during an NDIS audit?

The audit team is independent, which means they don’t work for your NDIS provider or the NDIS Commission.

Usually, the audit team visits the provider. They will look at the provider’s paperwork, including files, procedures, and computer records.

They will talk to staff, managers and NDIS participants. They may also ask to talk to your family members.

The audit team will let the NDIS Commission know if the provider is doing well or ways it could improve.

You can find out more by reading our fact sheets:

Residential aged care audits

Residential aged care facilities may also have an NDIS audit if there are NDIS participants living there.

An Easy Read handbook and Easy Read fact sheet have more information about audits for NDIS participants living in aged care.

Find out more information about NDIS participants in residential aged care.

Audit fact sheets for participants

Fact sheet: What is an audit?

Fact sheet: What will auditors ask?

Fact sheet: NDIS audits – what they mean for you

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