Quality initiatives

The Quality roadmap outlines key sector-facing initiatives of the NDIS Commission. These initiatives focus on improved provider and worker practice, which in turn leads to quality supports for participants.

What we're doing now

  • Quality and consumer reports

    Consultation Insights Reports that show how participants view quality and safe supports, what information is important to them, and how they want to access information.

  • Quality roadmap

    Develop a quality roadmap that sets out the priority areas for driving the quality and safety of NDIS services and supports, and the milestones needed to get there.

  • New NDIS Commission website

    Co-designed with stakeholders, the NDIS Commission's new-look website will be mobile friendly, accessible and cater to diverse audiences.

  • Provider grants

    Support for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Providers grants program: Grants to empower participants subject to regulated restrictive practices and improve provider capability for First Nations Australians in rural and remote communities.

  • New and updated practice standards

    NDIS practice standards for supported accommodation: This includes creating new standards and quality indicators, as well as updating existing standards.

  • Workforce Capability Framework

    Engage with the sector to embed the current Framework, while also developing a wider range of tools and resources.

  • Systemic review approach to potentially avoidable deaths

    The model aims to address risks associated with potentially avoidable deaths (PADs) through preventative approaches with participants, providers and workers.

What we're planning

  • Quality strategy

    Develop a quality outcomes strategy that upholds the rights of people with disability, their advice on what quality looks like, and the types of innovation they need from the NDIS market. 

  • Targeted communication on participant rights

    Communication, engagement and education to support at risk/hard to reach participants (including people with intellectual disability) and those in supported accommodation to exercise their rights.

  • Research on personal wellbeing

    Grow our understanding of what influences personal wellbeing and the role of choice. This will also include the development of a wellbeing index in consultation with participants and providers, and enable longitudinal monitoring of the quality of identified supports.

  • Provider market engagement strategy

    Engage with the NDIS market to gain learnings and insights from that will inform NDIS Commission activities.

  • Data and Regulatory Transformation (DART) Project

    Improve system functionality and responsiveness to reduce the administrative burden on providers and support their governance and monitoring processes. The DART project will also improve identification and response to both immediate and systemic risks.

  • Provider grants

    New grants in the Support for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Providers grants program:
    • Emergency and disaster management: tools and resources to support NDIS providers to meet provider obligations.
    • Training and support for Consumer Technical Experts (CTE) Strengthening participant and provider connections to improve behaviour support outcomes.
    • Resources to assist participants to understand their rights, make complaints and raise issues with NDIS providers. These will include targeted resources for various participant groups, including First Nations Australians and young people.

Our strategic approach

Quality initiatives are targeted across a wide range of stakeholders in line with the core focus areas of our strategic plan:

  • Rights of people with disability
  • Thriving, diverse markets
  • Quality providers and workers

Diagram: Initiatives align to our strategic plan

Diagram of quality features and drivers linked to core focus areas


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