Quality and Consumer Information

We want to hear from you!

What is quality?

We think 'Quality’ means the extent to which a support or service meets or exceeds a participant’s needs and expectations, and how it meets or exceeds the relevant NDIS requirements.

But we want to hear what you think about quality NDIS supports.

Participants and their supporters have told us there is a not enough reliable information about services that can help them make informed decisions about NDIS services and supports. They have also told us that participants don’t always know they have a right to raise concerns about the supports and services they are receiving or do not know how to do so.

We also interested in hearing about how useful the current information provided by the NDIS Commission or other organisations is, as well as what might be missing.

We want to understand what information participants already use, and what new information they would like to access.

We would also like to understand how we can increase awareness of participant rights and how we can make it easier for people to raise concerns with their provider or the NDIS Commission.

How can you have your say?

If you want to have a say about Quality and Consumer Information you can:

EasyRead versions of the survey

EasyRead logo - version 2

Easy Read versions of the survey are available to complete.The easy read survey is a form you can fill out and email to us at ParticipantRights@ndiscommission.gov.au  

If you have any questions about how to fill out the survey or would like help please email us.

If you would like assistance completing the survey, please contact ParticipantRights@ndiscommission.gov.au.