Key personnel

Key personnel

Section 11A of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act) defines key personnel of a person or entity as: 

  • a member of the group of persons responsible for the executive decisions of the person or entity;
  • any other person having authority or responsibility for (or significant influence over) planning, directing or controlling the activities of the person or entity.

Key personnel can include, but is not limited to, CEO, executive staff members, managers and all members of the board of directors. It is your responsibility to inform the NDIS Commission at the time of applying for registration, or renewing registration, of all the people who are key personnel of your organisation. 

Registered NDIS providers are responsible for keeping their key personnel information and contact details in their registration record with the NDIS Commission updated at all times via the NDIS Commission Portal. The quick reference guides can assist with accessing and navigating the Portal. 

It is a requirement of registration that NDIS providers inform the NDIS Commission of a change in key personnel, and also:

  • a significant change in the organisation or governance arrangements of the provider, and
  • an event relating to the suitability of the provider’s key personnel.