Quality roadmap

What does 'quality' mean?

'Quality' is the extent to which a support delivered by a provider meets or exceeds a participant’s needs and expectations. It also includes how it meets or exceeds the relevant NDIS requirements.

Delivering quality support is complex and influenced by a number of related factors. These are:

  • individual participant experience and definition of quality
  • exercising choice and control, and
  • the right to dignity of risk.

Drivers of quality

Participants’ choices, preferences, and feedback shape the NDIS market, driving diversity, innovation, and quality improvements.

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1. Choice and control

Participants’ individual preferences and needs shape the demand for person-centred, responsive services.

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2. Consumer voice

Complaints, feedback and other mechanisms to uphold participant rights and self-determination contribute to the overall quality and accountability of the market.

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3. Diverse markets

Strong, diverse and responsive markets drive tailored high quality and safe supports.

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4. Demand for innovation

Participants ‘unique needs and goals drive innovative solutions and expanded service offerings.

Features of quality

As informed consumers, participants have the flexibility to choose and influence the supports they receive to best meet their needs.

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1. Empowered participants

Participants are empowered to grow and to make informed decisions. Participants have freedom and choice of their service providers, support workers, and the types of services they receive.


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2. Skilled workforce

Skilled and knowledgeable workforce with appropriate qualifications, training, experience, and attitudes.


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3. Quality relationships

Quality support is delivered when participant’s authentic voice is at the centre of all decisions, creating trusting and safe relationships.


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4. Culture and capability

Supports are flexible, responsive, rights based and demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement.

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5. Collaboration and coordination

Participants, service providers and stakeholders work together to achieve participant goals.

Diagram: How drivers and features support quality

Diagram showing quality drivers and features


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NDIS Commission Quality Roadmap

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