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Important Notification 

As part of our upcoming system release in June 2023, we are implementing some changes to the way attachment names are viewed and recorded.

Within this change, attachment filenames are being limited to 150 characters in order to improve readability as well as compatibility with some of the changes.

You may notice a change to some existing file names (particularly those in excess of 150 characters). This will not change or affect the attachments themselves.

You may also notice a new column entitled ‘Related to’ in your account. This new column may help you identify where your files are attached.

NDIS Commission Portal

Login with PRODA

The NDIS Commission Portal contains tools for providers to manage their registration and meet their obligations.

The NDIS Commission Portal is also used by Approved Quality Auditors to record their audit recommendations for a provider’s application for registration with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Registered providers use the NDIS Commission Portal to renew registration, update registration details, add or remove registration groups, notify the NDIS Commission of changes and events, submit behaviour support plans and incident reports, report uses of unauthorised practice, and more.

The NDIS Commission Portal is only available to providers that have registered with the NDIS Commission. If you do not have an NDIS Commission Portal user account, please refer to the Quick Reference Guide - Getting access to NDIS Commission Portal.

For assistance with PRODA, please contact the PRODA helpline on 1800 700 199.

Should you need additional technical support, help is available at

Notification of Changes

Registered NDIS providers now receive information about Provider Registration and NDIS Worker Screening in the NDIS Commission Portal ‘Inbox’. To access the ‘Inbox’, log into the NDIS Commission Portal and navigate to the ‘Inbox’ tab.

Use the ‘Email preferences’ tab to nominate people in your organisation to receive a notification that there is a new message in the ‘Inbox’.

The types of information you will now receive in the ‘Inbox’ are listed below. You will still receive communication that it is not listed below directly via email.

Registration (for registered NDIS providers)

  • Reminder to engage an auditor
  • Audit report received
  • Registration renewal reminder
  • Mid-term audit notice
  • End of registration suspension
  • Registration is expired

Worker screening

  • Notification that a worker’s NDIS Worker Screening Check status has changed e.g. from Clearance to Suspension or Exclusion
  • Worker verification requests and reminders
  • Notification that a worker’s NDIS Worker Screening Check application is cancelled or withdrawn
  • Notification that a worker’s NDIS Worker Screening Check is about to expire

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