What we do (Easy Read)

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We wrote this webpage in an easy to read way.

We use pictures to explain some ideas.

Bold, not bold.

We wrote some important words in bold.

This means the letters are thicker and darker.

We explain what these bold words mean.

What do we do?


We want to make things better for participants.

Participants are people who take part in the NDIS.

Parliament house

We are part of the Australian Government.

An organisation with an arrow curving towards an NDIS plan

But we aren’t the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The NDIA runs the NDIS.

A man raising his fist in the air for his rights

Rights are rules about how everybody should be treated:

  • fairly
  • equally.
A woman pointing at herself and a list of rights

All participants have rights.

This includes you.

A woman protecting another woman

You have the right to be:

  • safe
  • respected.
A woman supporting a man and a badge with a tick on it

You have the right to get good quality services.

Quality is about receiving good services that:

  • meet the needs of people with disability
  • give people with disability choice and control.
A young woman holding a list of goals

You have the right to reach your goals.

A woman writing on a clipboard with a man looking upset next to her

When you’re not happy with your services, we will:

  • listen to you
  • help you.
A man raising his hand and a man talking on the phone. There is a thumbs down next to them

It’s always okay to speak up if you’re not getting services that are:

  • good
  • safe.
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