Managing complaints

Complaints management

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (Complaints Management and Resolution) Rules 2018 require registered NDIS providers to have an effective system for management and resolution of complaints about the supports or services they provide.

The system in place must be appropriate to the size of your organisation and the complexity of the services and supports you deliver. The NDIS Commission can provide you with information and guidance about effective complaints handling arrangements in the context of your organisation.

Your complaints management system and process must make it easy for people to make a complaint (anonymously if they choose) and ensure that you deal with all complaints quickly and fairly. All providers need to keep records of any complaints they receive.

It is an expectation that providers support people with disability to understand how to make a complaint directly to the provider or to the NDIS Commission.

When a provider receives a direct complaint, the person making the complaint and the person with disability affected by the issue must:

  • Be informed of the complaint’s progress
  • Be appropriately involved in the resolution of the complaint and
  • Be updated on the implementation of any relevant outcomes, including any action taken and decisions made.

The NDIS Commission also expects that unregistered providers will effectively manage any complaints they receive.

Guidance for effective complaint handing

The NDIS Commission has developed guidelines about effective complaint handling for:

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Registered NDIS providers are required to have complaints management arrangements in place and support people with disability to understand how to make a complaint to the provider and to the NDIS Commissioner

This guidance provides more information about effective complaint handling for NDIS providers.