Reportable incidents - video transcript

Hi, my name is Zieta and I'm the Acting Director for Reportable Incidents in New South Wales and ACT.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission has an important role to play in improving the quality and safety of NDIS services and supports.

Our role involves investigating and resolving problems. We also strengthen the skills and knowledge of providers and participants.

This short video is the first in a series that explains important information on the key principles and requirements around the notification of reportable incidents.
Future videos in this series will cover timeframes for notifying us and how to notify us of a reportable incident and also what to expect from the NDIS Commission.

We recommend watching these videos in sequence to better your understanding.
To safeguard people with disability from any incidents that have or could cause harm we know prevention and mitigation are the most effective means of keeping them safe.
So all NDIS providers must implement preventative practices such as implementing proactive risk management policies and procedures. 

Informing people with disability about your incident management practices and ensuring people with disability are accessing supports in a safe environment that is appropriate to their needs.

So what is a reportable incident? Let me take you through the list.

These are reportable incidents as defined by the NDIS Act. They include:

  • the death of a person with disability;
  • serious injury of a person with disability; 
  • abuse or neglect of a person with disability; 
  • unlawful sexual or physical contact with or assault of a person with disability;
  • sexual misconduct committed against or in the presence of, a person with disability including grooming of the person;
  • the use of restrictive practice in relation to a person with disability that is not in accordance with a behaviour support plan;
  • and the use of a restrictive practice in relation to a person with disability that is not in accordance with an authorisation if any required by the state or territory where it is being used.

We know reportable incidents can occur in a number of places where you are providing supports or services to persons with disability.

More information on what these categories mean is located on our website.
If you're a registered NDIS provider, you must notify us of a reportable incident that occurs or that is alleged to have occurred in connection with the supports and services you provide.

All other incidents should be managed in accordance with your incident management system and procedures.

We are here to help you understand and comply with your reportable incident obligations.

Our website has extensive information and you can contact us on 1800 035 544.

We hope that this video has been helpful.

Our next video in the series will outline timeframes for notifying the NDIS Commission and how to notify us of a reportable incident.

Thank you.