Make it known, make it better – Making a complaint - Transcript

Hi, my name's Mike.


I work as a complaints officer at the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission.


You may not know this but I'm a participant on the NDIS scheme.


I experience what it's like dealing with my NDIS Service Providers for my supports.


It's important that people in the NDIS know that if they're not happy with the quality or safety of their supports or services, the process of making a complaint to us is simple, supportive and safe.


The thought of making a complaint when things aren't working out with your NDIS supports or services is not always easy, especially if you're concerned about something that has happened or you don't feel safe.


But remember, raising a concern or a complaint with your NDIS provider or the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission can not only change things for you, but it can also improve the quality of services for other people with disability.


Because when you make it known, you make it better.