Make it better - Making a complaint - First Nations peoples - video transcript

(Uncle John laughs)

Eleisha: Getting the help you need can be a real challenge.

Uncle John has had to deal with this his whole life. His family reached out to me to see what support was available and now we're working together to provide the assistance Uncle John needs.

I'm here for John and his family can always yarn with me about how we can improve his supports.

If Uncle John wasn't happy with the quality or safety of his NDIS support or services and didn't feel comfortable telling me,Uncle John could yarn with his family or friends to help raise it for him.

I always encourage Uncle John to contact his NDIS provider or the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission if Uncle John has any
concerns or a complaint. That way, Uncle John is always looked after and safe.

- Care for our community,

because together, we make it better.