Make it better - Making a complaint - First Nations peoples - Transcript

Hi, I'm Destiny and this is Rita, she helps me when I need it.

- Destiny, she's like a daughter to me. She thinks that I'm looking after her, but really, she's looking after me.

- I remind Destiny, if she was to ever feel unhappy about her support or her care, she can say something.

- Now if any of our mob out there isn't happy with their NDIS support and services, they should say something to their NDIS providers, and if you don't feel comfortable talking to your providers, you can always contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

- They are here to improve the quality and the safety of your NDIS supports and services.

- It's okay to make a complaint...

Or raise a concern.

- Making a complaint is private and will not affect your access to your supports or your services, and it can help others in the community who are facing similar issues.

- Care for our community, because together...

We make it better.