Preventing and responding to sexual misconduct - transcript

Here at the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, we receive a wide range of complaints


They're all treated as important and dealt with confidentially and sensitively.


A young woman just called with a complaint about her support worker who had touched her in an inappropriate way.


She didn't want to give me a lot of detail at first.  But based on what she told me, we needed to treat this as a complaint about sexual misconduct or sexual assault.


It's a very serious matter and she was really distressed and felt that she couldn't raise it with her NDIS provider.


This is why it is so important that people know they can come directly to us.


We discussed some options, and with her permission, I contacted the provider who made immediate arrangements to ensure she was safe and to support her to report the matter to the police.


It's the start of a number of actions we will take to respond to this.


It's so important that she was able to speak up about what happened.


Because when you make it known, you make it better.