Reportable incidents: resources for workers

The NDIS workers delivering supports and services in the NDIS are critical to people with disability, their families and carers. 

As an NDIS worker, you are also the person most likely to witness an incident or have something disclosed to you. When this happens, your response matters. 

Under the NDIS Code of Conduct, all NDIS providers and workers are required to provide supports and services in a safe and competent manner with care and skill, and to take all reasonable steps to prevent all forms of violence against, exploitation, neglect and abuse of, people with disability.

Registered NDIS providers are also required to have an incident management system to record and manage incidents that occur while providing supports or services to people with disability. 

Registered NDIS providers are also required to notify the NDIS Commission of ‘reportable incidents’. 

More information is available on our Incident management and reportable incidents (NDIS Providers) page.

NDIS workers have a duty to notify registered NDIS providers of reportable incidents under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Incident Management and Reportable Incidents) Rules 2018. If a person employed or otherwise engaged by a registered NDIS provider becomes aware that a reportable incident has occurred in connection with the provision of supports or services by the provider, the person must notify one of the following of that fact as soon as possible:

  • a member of the provider’s key personnel;
  • a supervisor or manager of the person;
  • the person who is responsible for reporting incidents that are reportable incidents to the NDIS Commissioner according to the provider’s incident management system. 

Incident management is an important part of improving services and you should feel confident in responding to and reporting incidents. 

Resources for workers:

The following resources are designed to support NDIS workers to respond to incidents:

A range of other reportable incident resources for NDIS providers is available on our Incident management and reportable incidents (NDIS Providers) page.

The Worker Orientation Module, ‘Quality, Safety and You’ is an interactive online course that explains NDIS worker obligations under the NDIS Code of Conduct – from the perspective of NDIS participants.