Own Motion Inquiry into Platform Providers Operating in the NDIS Market


The purpose of this Inquiry is to examine how Platform Providers operate in the NDIS Market. The Inquiry will hear from people with disability accessing NDIS services and supports through Platform Providers, and Platform Providers themselves.

The Commissioner will share key learnings to promote participant rights to safe and quality NDIS supports. The Commissioner will also consider whether the current regulatory settings that cover this part of the NDIS Market are appropriate.

Own Motion Inquiry Process

  1. Launch
  2. Learning
  3. Consultation
  4. Analysis
  5. Observations

Own Motion Inquiry Terms of Reference

You might want to read our Terms of Reference.  The Terms of Reference outlines what the NDIS Commissioner would like to achieve through the Own Motion Inquiry and the issues that will be explored.

There is also an easy read version of the Terms of Reference, in standard and print formats.

Audrey is sitting with another NDIS participant at a table. She is helping him fill out a form. Audrey is wearing a purple tshirt and her brown hair is down below her shoulder. Her colleague is wearing a black tshirt. He has dark hair and a beard.

The NDIS was designed to give people with disability choice and control in relation to how their services are best delivered and who should be delivering them. When accessing NDIS supports and services, people with disability also have the right to be safe. Safety is not just about the conduct and capabilities of workers delivering their services. It is also about participants feeling safe to raise concerns, voice how they like their services and supports to be delivered and feeling culturally safe.

People with disability and their support networks require access to a diverse and sustainable market in which innovation, quality and contemporary best practice feature.

Platform Providers now represent a significant and growing proportion of the NDIS market. There are registered and unregistered Platform Providers with variation in how quality and safeguards are approached in the delivery of supports.

The Commissioner has heard that Platform Providers can offer people with disability flexibility, responsiveness and increased control and connection with support workers. The feedback given to the Commissioner also highlights uncertainty about who is responsible for ensuring services are delivered safely and of a high quality.

The NDIS Commission works with participants and providers to improve the quality and safety of NDIS services and supports. The Inquiry into platform providers operating in the NDIS market will examine how platform providers function in the NDIS market while keeping the principle of choice and control for people with disability at the heart of it.

NDIS Platform providers are online platforms and online subscription services that connect workers with NDIS participants.

This is something the Commissioner is keen to explore as part of this Inquiry.

The NDIS Commission recognises that online platforms are used by many Australians to organise transport, order dinner and pay for services. The Commissioner’s Own Motion Inquiry into Platform Providers is focused on online platforms and subscriptions services used to put people with disability who receive NDIS funded services and supports in touch with workers and providers of services. This interest relates to the Commissioner’s role in monitoring the NDIS market.

Consultation is now closed

Consultation for the Platform Provider Own Motion Inquiry is now closed.  Over 1,470 of you decided to have your say. We thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, thoughts and insights.

We are now considering what you have said and look forward to sharing our observations with you in the near future.

Own Motion Inquiry into Platform Providers Operating in the NDIS Market downloads

Own Motion Inquiry into Platform Providers – Insights Report

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Data Supplement - Appendix A - Participant Data.xlsx

Data Supplement – Appendix B – Survey Analysis

Data Supplement – Appendix C – Reportable Incidents and Complaints

Data Supplement – Appendix D – Worker Screening

Information Supplement A – Glossary

Information Supplement B – Table of Platform Provider Fee Comparisons

The Commissioner has commenced an Inquiry into platform providers operating in the NDIS market. The Commissioner wants to hear directly from people with disability, families and advocates, workers and providers. The purpose of this Inquiry is to better understand how services accessed through platform providers support people with disability to exercise choice and control and facilitate the delivery of quality NDIS funded services.


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