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The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (the NDIS Commission) is a new, independent government agency established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services.

The NDIS Commission commenced operations in New South Wales and South Australia on 1 July 2018, and in the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria on 1 July 2019. It will commence operating in Western Australia from 1 July 2020.

Our purpose is to work with people with disability, providers and the community to deliver nationally consistent, responsive and effective regulation for NDIS supports and services.

We are looking for people who are committed to improving the safety and quality of NDIS services delivered to people with disability.

The Commission brings together various quality and safeguards functions into a single agency for the first time, and will have a suite of education and regulatory powers that apply across Australia.

Currently operating in NSW and SA, we will progressively rollout nationally by July 2020 and will have a presence in every state and territory capital city. Our head office is located in Penrith, NSW.

What we offer

Our competitive salary package includes an employer superannuation contribution of 15.4 per cent, salary sacrificing, annual holiday leave of 20 days per year and additional paid leave over the Christmas and Easter reduced activity periods, Personal leave, Long Service Leave, Maternity Leave (paid and unpaid) and supporting partner leave. Our conditions are detailed in the Commission Determination 2018/01 (Non-SES employees).

We promote and support flexible working arrangements and opportunities for promotion and development.

We encourage applications from people with disabilities, LGBTIQA+ people, women and people with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

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We recognise the richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and the unique knowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees bring to our workplace, policy development and service delivery. We welcome and encourage applications from Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people.

We participate in the Australian Public Service RecruitAbility Scheme to support the employment of people with disability. For more information visit the Australian Public Service Commission website.


Visit the APS Jobs website – click the ‘Department/Agency’ drop down box and select ‘National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Quality and Safeguards Commission.’

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What our staff say about us


“My job is about improving the quality of life for people with disabilities”

Tracey is the Director of the national Behaviour Support team. This team monitors the use of restrictive practices (such as seclusion, or chemical, mechanical, physical or environmental restraint) in the provision of NDIS supports, and educates providers and participants about behaviour support strategies, with the aim of reducing and eliminating restrictive practices.

Tracey is passionate about working to ensure that people with disability enjoy the same rights as everyone else, which is one of the Commission’s core values.

Joining the Commission during the establishment phase has been very rewarding for Tracey and her team because “to be here now means that you can assist with forming policies and the way that the Commission works”. She loves that she gets to support staff to develop and build their skills and experience in working to reduce and eliminate restrictive interventions.


“No two days are the same and that’s what makes the job interesting and diverse”

Jo is a Complaints Handling Officer in Adelaide. Jo’s team is the first point of call for someone wishing to make a complaint about a NDIS service, support or provider.

Working in the first regional office of the Commission (with more to open from July 2019) has been an interesting experience and an exciting learning opportunity for Jo. Her workplace offers “a real sense of work not just being a place to go. There is a collective energy across the Commission that is striving towards getting it right.”

Jo’s work involves managing complaints about the provision of supports and services by NDIS providers. In some cases, the issue is resolved quickly, or it may be necessary to take more time, but Jo always feels “privileged and passionate about getting it right for people with disability.”


“Being proud of the organisation I work for is really important to me and I am proud to say I work for the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission”

Kaylene works in the contact centre, the “face of the Commission”. For many callers it is their first interaction with the Commission and Kaylene and the team enjoy helping people understand its role and functions.

The Contact Centre works closely with all of the other teams across the Commission, which has been an excellent learning opportunity for Kaylene. Working in a start-up Government agency has also been a positive for Kaylene – “working with the Commission provides employees with an opportunity to influence the way we run from the ground up. The work here is dynamic and I feel like I learn something new every day!”

The work of the Contact Centre has been very well received by participants, providers, carers and the general public, and Kaylene is proud “when a caller tells me that every time they contact the Commission, everyone they speak to is so helpful.”


“The collaborative way in which people work together means that everyone has the opportunity to contribute their own skills and knowledge and also learn from each other.”

Laura is an Assistant Director in the NSW Compliance team. Monitoring and compliance is important to the NDIS Commission’s work as a regulator. It is one of the ways that the Commission can encourage best practice among NDIS providers and manage risk to NDIS participants.

Laura enjoys working with a diverse group of colleagues with their “wealth of professional and life experiences that they bring to the team. Each person brings a unique experience to the Commission and this diversity encourages creative thinking and innovative problem solving.”

Being on the front line of the Commission’s work, Laura gets to be a part of the positive changes that the NDIS Commission is bringing to the sector, and enjoys seeing policies and procedures that she and her team have worked on resulting in positive outcomes for NDIS participants.


“The Commission has a role in assuring people who receive NDIS disability supports or services that they are not left to fend for themselves; and that we will act where they have been poorly treated.”

Chris is the Director of Investigations for the NSW and SA offices of the Commission. He is responsible for leading and managing investigations where there are reports that an NDIS Provider or a disability worker engaged in serious misconduct. Investigations plays an important role in assuring people who receive NDIS disability supports or services that we have the capacity and the commitment to protect their interests.

Chris enjoys the challenges his role offers because there is a “lot of variety and we are doing important work in a way in which it has never been done before. The work of establishing the Commission is going on at the same time as having to meet day-to-day operational demands and we have the chance to help shape the way in which the Commission operates into the future.”

Investigations work also poses new and unexpected challenges every day, and Chris takes pride in contributing to “good outcomes for people who expect, need and are entitled to our support.”

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