Find an NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner

NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioners

Confirm a practitioner’s suitability

An NDIS behaviour support practitioner is someone considered suitable by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commissioner. NDIS providers who deliver behaviour support must use NDIS behaviour support practitioners.

An NDIS behaviour support practitioner can only deliver behaviour support if they are engaged by a registered NDIS provider, or also registered themselves as a provider (e.g. sole trader). Provider registration and practitioner suitability requirements both apply.

You can confirm if a behaviour support practitioner is considered suitable by searching for them in the the search tool below.  You can search for a behaviour support practitioner by their name, postcode or email address. 

Only behaviour support practitioners who have consented to publish their details are included in the search results. A number of provisionally suitable behaviour support practitioners awaiting an outcome on their application will not appear until their application is approved and they have been considered suitable.

If you are seeking a behaviour support service in your area go to the NDIS provider finderTo find behaviour support services in the NDIS Provider Finder, select behaviour support from the registration group. 

Information for NDIS behaviour support practitioners

Your information is only published here if you have provided consent. You can update your consent and your details that are displayed in your practitioner profile in the Registered NDIS Provider Portal Contact us for more information.