NDIS Workforce Capability Framework

The NDIS Commission is leading the implementation of a national NDIS Workforce Capability Framework to support consistency in practice and delivery of quality disability services across Australia.

The Australian Government’s strategy to support the development the NDIS market, Growing the NDIS Market and Workforce Strategy, was released in early 2019. One of the priorities in that strategy is Developing Workforce Capability (3.1).

The Capability Framework has been developed by the NDIS Commission and translates the Commission’s principles, Practice Standards and Code of Conduct into clear and observable behaviours that service providers and workers should demonstrate when delivering services to people with disability.

The Framework is written from the perspective of the participant and describes the core capabilities that workers need to deliver services and supports. It also describes a range of additional capabilities required when working with participants who have support needs requiring specialised knowledge and/or skills.

Benefits of a Capability Framework

The Capability Framework provides a common language to describe ‘what good looks like’ when services are delivered in line with the NDIS principles, based on human rights and participant choice and control. Expected users of the Framework include participants, workers, supervisors, providers and education/ training providers.

The Capability Framework will assist service providers to:

  • improve overall quality and effectiveness of services for better outcomes for NDIS participants
  • shape the design of professional development and learning
  • clarify career pathways for workers in the disability sector
  • enhance professional and management practice
  • recruit and induct staff, manage performance and undertake workforce planning
  • the Framework is intended as guidance for the sector, and its use will not be mandatory for providers.

Developing the Capability Framework

Development of the Framework began in 2019 and was completed in late 2020.

During this time, extensive consultation was undertaken to gain input from participants, workers, supervisors, providers and experts across Australia and across the range of provider models. This phase also included exploration of workforce management settings, learning and development needs, and accreditation options.

Implementing the Capability Framework

Implementation of the framework is now underway, with the focus of this work on supporting the sector to embed the Framework into all aspects of NDIS workforce management practice. As part of that work user-friendly, interactive version of the Framework will be officially launched in mid-2021.

A range of support tools will be developed, including an interactive self-assessment tool, a capability-based recruitment guide and templates, and a workforce planning guide. All of this work will be conducted in close consultation with the sector to ensure the resources produced are realistic, practical and useful.

Accessing the Framework

In the interim, the Commission will make a PDF document available to stakeholders who want to start planning for its use and we are also happy to arrange a video or phone meeting to discuss the Framework and how to use it. Please see contact information below if you would like a copy of the Framework and/or organise a meeting.

For further information about the NDIS Workforce Capability Framework or opportunities to be involved, please contact the team by email or call (02) 4752 3970