NDIS Workforce Capability Framework

The NDIS Commission is leading the implementation of a national NDIS Workforce Capability Framework (the Framework) to support consistency in practice and delivery of quality disability services across Australia.

The NDIS National Workforce Plan, released in June 2021, points to the Framework as articulating the Australian Government’s expectations around workforce quality and states that it will be crucial for governments and industry to provide support to embed the attitudes, behaviours, skills and knowledge described in the Framework in the workforce. 

The NDIS Commission completed the development of the Framework in late 2020, based on extensive consultation with participants, workers, supervisors, providers and experts across Australia.

The Framework translates the NDIS Commission’s principles, Practice Standards and Code of Conduct into clear and observable behaviours that service providers and workers should demonstrate when delivering services to people with disability.

It is written from the perspective of the participant and describes the core capabilities that workers need to deliver services and supports. It also describes a range of additional capabilities required when working with participants who have support needs requiring specialised knowledge and/or skills.

Benefits of a Capability Framework

The Framework provides a common language to describe ‘what good looks like’ when services are delivered in line with the NDIS principles, based on human rights and participant choice and control. The Framework is designed to be used by all sector stakeholders, including:

  • NDIS participants and their representatives (including disability advocates) to direct the supports they receive
  • current workers providing direct supports to NDIS participants to understand what is expected of them, and develop their career in the sector
  • prospective workers interested in working with NDIS participants (in both direct and indirect support roles) to assess their suitability
  • supervisors and managers to clarify their expectations for workers, provide feedback and support development 
  • NDIS providers across the full range of organisation sizes and types to plan their workforce and attract and retain capable workers and supervisors
  • recruitment and human resource professionals supporting providers of NDIS funded supports to plan and manage their workforce
  • training and education providers to align training and assessment with capability requirements.

The Framework is intended as guidance for the sector, and its use will not be mandatory for providers.

Implementing the Framework

An 18 month implementation project is now underway, with the focus of this work on supporting the sector to embed the Framework into all aspects of NDIS workforce management practice.

A range of support tools will be progressively developed over the period to December 2022, including an interactive self-assessment tool, a capability-based recruitment guide and templates, and a workforce planning guide. All of this work will be conducted in close consultation with the sector to ensure the resources produced are realistic, practical and useful. Register your interest and let us know how you’d like to take part.

Accessing the Framework

A user-friendly interactive version of the Framework is now available via a dedicated Framework website. This website also includes more information about the project and how to get involved with the development of the tools.

An accessible PDF of the Framework (PDF) is also available on the Framework website, along with guides that explain what the Framework is about. These guides are available in Easy Read, language translations and Auslan.

Contact us

The project team are happy to arrange a video or phone meeting to discuss the Framework and the implementation project.

For further information about the NDIS Workforce Capability Framework, to receive updates on the Framework rollout or to discuss opportunities to be involved, please contact the team by email or call (02) 9942 5636.