Step 2: Select an approved quality auditing body

Initial scope of audit document

After you submit your online application, you will receive an initial scope of audit document from the NDIS Commission that:

  • provides a brief overview of your service registration groups
  • determines your audit pathway
  • lists the requirements which your service will be audited against
  • holds the key information for auditors to provide you with a quote.

How to select an Approved Quality Auditor?

Only auditing bodies that are approved by the NDIS Commissioner (called Approved Quality Auditors) can assess whether an NDIS provider complies with the NDIS Practice Standards.

A list of Approved Quality Auditors is available on the NDIS Commission website. 

After you have selected an Approved Quality Auditor, they will update “Auditor Relationship” in your application in the NDIS Commission’s portal.

The Approved Quality Auditor will then check that the scope of audit is accurate, and begin the audit process, starting with Stage 1: Desktop Audit (see Step 3 below).

If eligible, RAC providers may be able to undertake a modified NDIS RAC audit, where the NDIS audit team consider the findings of the recent aged care audit for NDIS compliance requirements that are applicable to both aged care and NDIS.  

Your auditor will need to submit a request to the NDIS Commission to be authorised under Section 5(3) of the Provider Registration and Practice Standard Rules to undertake a modified NDIS RAC audit on your behalf. 

When selecting an Approved Quality Auditor, consider getting a few quotes as it is important to have the right fit and best value for your service. Prepare a list of questions that you are going to ask prospective auditing bodies, such as:

  • what experience does the Approved Quality Auditor have in auditing services like yours, in particular what strategies have they used to engage with NDIS participants, including those with cognitive support needs. Can the Approved Quality Auditor provide any references of similar services they have audited?
  • is the Approved quality auditor accredited to undertake aged care audits, and if so, could the aged care and NDIS audits be conducted together? Note: this may require contacting the NDIS Commission to apply for a variation to registration renewal dates to adjust timing. 
  • does the Approved Quality Auditor have any questions/issues from the Initial scope of audit document? 
  • how would the Approved Quality Auditor select an audit team for your NDIS provider? 
  • can the Approved Quality Auditor suggest timely dates for its audit of your service? 
  • how will the Approved Quality Auditor plan your audit? will they seek input from you?
  • what will the cost of the audit or audit cycle be?  
  • under what circumstances would the Approved Quality Auditor consider undertaking your audit remotely? 
  • are there potential audit savings, if you and other RAC providers located in the same geographical area aim to have your audits conducted around the same time?