January 2019 email scam – compliance review

Scammers sent fake NDIS Commission emails with the subject line ‘NDIS Commission Compliance Review’.    The email asks you to participate in a compliance review and attaches a ‘Request for Service Records’ form.  It instructs the recipient to complete and return the information within 14 days of receipt.   The email comes from a [.info] address but official NDIS Commission emails will always come from a [ndiscommission.gov.au] domain.

Do not open the attachment and do not disclose the information requested.  If you have inadvertently released this information, please contact us.  

Example of Scam Email

January 2019 email scam

How to spot the scammer

This scam email:

  • is not sent from a legitimate @ndiscommission.gov.au sender
  • is unexpected
  • asks you to submit private participant information to an email that is not a ndiscommission.gov.au address.

It's OK to not respond and phone us on 1800 035 544 to check if the contact was legitimate or report a scam.