Australian Public Service Employee Census 2019

The APS Employee Census is a voluntary survey providing employees with the opportunity to share their views about the Australian Public Service.

The survey is conducted annually and collects information on a range of workforce issues including:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance management
  • Leadership
  • General impressions of the APS

Further information about the census is available on the Australian Public Service Commission website.

Highlights of the NDIS Commission’s results for 2019

2019 was our first year participating in the census and we are pleased with achieving an overall response rate of 83%.

Some of our positive results include:

  • 96% of staff believe strongly in the purpose and objectives of the NDIS Commission
  • 92% of staff report the NDIS Commission is accepting towards people from diverse backgrounds
  • 83% of staff report the NDIS Commission is committed to creating a diverse workforce
  • 95% of staff report staff in the NDIS Commission are professional, ethical and respectful in their dealings with our clients

The four key areas for improvement are:

  • internal communication
  • workgroup tools and resources
  • work processes to improve productivity
  • performance management

You can view our full highlights report here.

What we will do with the results

The information collected from the census assists the NDIS Commission to inform our programs, activities and workforce planning.

We have developed a draft action plan to address the key areas for improvement and will establish a working group to finalise and implement the action plan.