APS Employee Census

The APS Employee Census is a voluntary survey providing employees with the opportunity to share their views about the Australian Public Service.

The survey is conducted annually and collects information on a range of workforce issues including:

  • health and wellbeing
  • employee engagement
  • performance management
  • leadership
  • general impressions of the APS

Further information about the census is available on the Australian Public Service Commission website.

Highlights of the NDIS Commission’s results for 2020

Some of our positive results from the 2020 APS Employee Census include:

  • Our overall survey response rate increased by 2% from last year, to 85% 
  • 93% of staff believe strongly in the purpose and objectives of the NDIS Commission
  • 92% of staff feel committed to our goals
  • 93% of staff are willing to go the ‘extra mile’.

However, as it has in workplaces across Australia, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our staff in many ways, with 35% noting that they had been negatively impacted by COVID-19. 

View our full 2020 highlights report.

What we will do with the results

We value the insights gained from our employees’ feedback in the census, and use these to celebrate our successes, identify areas for improvement, and inform our programs, activities and workforce planning.

We are already taking a number of actions to address the areas our staff have identified for improvement in this census. For example, we are implementing a number of initiatives to better align our internal communications to staff needs, and we are well-advanced on a bulk recruitment process designed to alleviate workload pressures and ensure we have the right people on board across the organisation.

In addition, each branch and function will identify specific actions required in their area.

Previous years’ APS Employee Census results